New Circulation Desk

Thanks to Roger Backus of Cranberry Lake, we have a beautiful new circulation desk!  When visitors enter the library, they will immediately be greeted by a staff member.  We are especially grateful to George Cherepon, Bill Griffin, and Butch Whitmore for helping move the desk over from Roger's workshop.  Our old circulation desk has gone to the Madrid Library.  You can see it in its new home here!


Meet Merlin!

The Clifton-Fine Lions Club voted unanimously on Monday, June 11 to donate a Merlin full color CCTV video magnifier to the Clifton Community Library.  The machine allows patrons to examine materials in small print, with 16 magnification settings and 28 color modes for maximum contrast enhancement.

The library will offer formal training on Merlin on Monday, June 25 at 11AM and patrons can drop by any time to see what Merlin can do!  This is an awesome tool for those with visual impairments, hobbyists, and more.

Thank you, Clifton Fine Lions and Lion Wayne Allen for facilitating this amazing gift.

Clifton Community Library Survey

We have put together a short survey for our patrons and residents to take when you have a few minutes.  We are hoping to get some ideas about why people love coming to the library and, perhaps, why they don't!  Please take a few minutes to fill this out.  It will help the Board of Trustees and the librarian plan for the library's future.

Thank you!

May-June Newsletter

The latest edition of our newsletter, The Page Turner, is out now!  Check it out by clicking here!

New Books of Adirondack Interest Headed Our Way

Three separate patrons have requested books of interest to our region recently and I've been fortunate enough to be able to order all three!  Coming soon, we have...

Western Adirondack Trail Guide:  The Adirondack Mountain Club released a hiking guide to the Western Adirondacks.  From

Western Trails describes hiking opportunities defined by the Adirondack Park boundary to the north, west, and south and by the villages of Paul Smiths, Tupper Lake, and Long Lake to the east—arguably some of the wildest lands in the eastern United States. The region includes rivers, flatlands, and mountains as well as a wealth of ponds and lakes. Seven Wilderness Areas, thirteen Wild Forest Areas, the extensive St. Regis Canoe Area, one Primitive Area, and two state forests fall within this guide’s purview, as does the relatively new Cranberry Lake 50, a network of trails linked to form a 50-mile hiker’s challenge.

Blacks in the Adirondacks

A History tells the story of the many African Americans who settled in or passed through this rural, mountainous region of northeastern New York State. In the area for a variety of reasons, some were lifetime residents, while others were there for a few years or months―as summer employees, tuberculosis patients, or in connection with full- or part-time occupations in railroading, the performing arts, and baseball.
From blacks who settled on land gifted to them by Gerrit Smith, a prosperous landowner and fervent abolitionist, to those who worked as waiters in resort hotels, Svenson chronicles their rich and varied experiences, with an emphasis on the 100 years between 1850 and 1950. Many experienced racism and isolation in their separation from larger black populations; some found a sense of community in the scattered black settlements of the region. In this first definitive history, Svenson gives voice to the many blacks who spent time in the Adirondacks and sheds light on their challenges and successes in this remote region.

Fighting Fox Company: The Battling Flank of the Band of Brothers

Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division has become one of the most famous small units in U.S. history, thanks to Stephen Ambrose’s superb book Band of Brothers, followed by portrayals in film. However, to date little has been heard of Fox Company of that same regiment―the men who fought alongside Easy Company through every step of the war in Europe, and who had their own stories to tell. Notably this book, over a decade in the making, came about for different reasons than the fame of the “Band of Brothers.” Bill Brown, a WWII vet himself, had decided to research the fate of a childhood friend who had served in Fox Company. Along the way he met Terry Poyser, who was on a similar mission to research the combat death of a Fox Company man from his hometown. Together, the two authors proceeded to locate and interview every surviving Fox Company vet they could find.

Clifton Fine resident Bob Noody was interviewed extensively for this book.

Our Newsletter is Live!

The next issue of our newsletter is available at this link!

Print copies are available at Otto's Abode, Stone Manor, Cranberry Lake post office, Coffee Fever and the library. 

Email copies will be sent to anyone who would like one.  Please let us know.

Thanks for your support and happy reading!

To Which Magazine Would You Like the Library to Subscribe?

Welcome to The Page Turner

Clifton Community Library is pleased to announce the release of its first newsletter geared to the local community, focusing on the library, new books, movies, services, and events you'll find at CCL!

Print copies are now available at the Cranberry Lake Library, the Cranberry Lake Post Office, and Coffee Fever in Star Lake.  

An electronic form will be emailed to patrons at their request.  Please click the "Contact" link above to request your e-copy.  You can also access it by clicking on this link.

This month's newsletter contains an overview of the libraries services, the Board of Trustees and Friends, information about podcasting, an introduction of our new director, and so much more.


Book Return Locations & Item Pick-Up in Star Lake

There are two book return locations in Star Lake:  one at Community Bank and one at Coffee Fever.

Items may also be picked up at Coffee Fever. To make use of this service please contact the library and request an item be delivered to Star Lake. Once the item is available you’ll be notified of the date your item may be picked up at Coffee Fever! Requested library items will be available for pick up on Fridays by 9:30 A.M. 

The book return in Cranberry Lake is located at the front entrance to the Clifton Community Center.


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