Clifton Community Library Going Fine Free

The Board of Trustees and Library Director are pleased to announce that Clifton Community Library is going (mostly) fine free effective this month!

What this means for our community is that you will no longer receive a daily late fine on overdue items. We hope this will encourage our patrons to return to the library, despite past fines. 

Of course, there are a few catches...

The fine-free policy is at the discretion of the director.  If borrowers have a past history of seriously overdue materials on multiple occasions, they will remain responsible for fines. 

Patrons are still responsible for returning their items on time as a courtesy to other patrons hoping to check out the same materials.  Once there are 5 overdue items on a patron's account, his or her privileges will be suspended. The library will still send reminders about overdue items. If patrons have other overdue fines from other libraries in the North Country Library System, they remain still responsible for paying these at the library where these fines accrued.  If patrons check out materials while visiting another library in the North Country Library System, they could still be charged fines based on that library’s fine policy (some have fines, some do not). Items 45 days or more overdue will be assumed lost and patrons will be billed for the replacement cost. Past replacement fees and processing charges for lost or damaged items still apply.

As always, the library will still accept monetary donations. These donations provide services, critical programming and more.  Often patrons have their fines forgiven but still make donations or request to know what the fines were.  We will provide that information to any patron who requests it. 

We hope you enjoy the new fine-free structure of the library and it encourages you to continue to visit us here in Cranberry Lake!