Hot Spot Now Available at Newton Falls!

Thanks to a generous grant by the Foundation for Rural Service and in cooperation with SLIC and the Newton Falls Fire Department, Clifton Community Library has been able to install a wireless hotspot at the Newton Falls Fire Department.  This hotspot will provide totally free wireless internet access for one year for the residents of our area, complimenting the free WiFi we already offer at Cranberry Lake.

Visitors do not need a password to log in, simply open your computer or phone's WiFi menu and connect to "Library WiFi".  There is no time limit, and the WiFi is on 24/7.

A highly visible red and white sign (courtesy of Dragun Signs) is posted outside the NFFD to help you find your way.  A test of the signal yesterday indicates that you will be able to access the WiFi from as far away as the playground and the rear of the building.

We do request you not impede fire department business or disrupt the neighbors who live nearby.  If you have any issues accessing the hotspot, need help learning to connect your device to WiFi in general, or have questions, please do not hesitate to stop into the library.

Thank you to our partners for adding this service to our community!